I am a multi-disciplined creative who can help you built digital products for your business.

From my home-office in Perth, Australia, I’ve helped clients to achieve their goals on time and on budget.



transcore stationery armdiseno design
proven project management chistmas card 2020 armdiseno design
rowe group christmas card
rowegroup brochures armdiseno design
sculpt miami logo armdiseno design


jelly fish attack armdiseno illustration
mehinagic jellyfish armdiseno illustration
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beardtopus armdiseno illustration


camila poster - armdiseno - music video
hrafnagaldur poster - armdiseno - animation
apolo poster - armdiseno - animation
arlequim poster - armdiseno - animation

About me

I am Alexander Rojas-Moreno a multi-disciplined creative on branding, graphic design, web design, illustration and animation.

Currently working as Graphic and Media Designer at Rowe Group and Part time as freelancer from my home-office in Perth, Australia.

I grew up immersed in my Dad’s textile and clothing company, which specialises in custom uniforms for a variety of sports teams including soccer, basketball and volleyball. As a result, I was surrounded by fabrics, cutting tables, vinyl, sewing and screen printing machines, ink and computers that introduced me to the world of design and creativity.

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