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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Rowe Group, I came up with the idea of creating a book that would encapsulate the history and growth of the company from its inception to present day. I was responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and producing the book. Working in close collaboration with Greg Rowe, the company’s founder, and the Rowe Group team, I gathered all the necessary information and imagery to tell their story of 30 years in business.

While incorporating a cut-out or window on the cover posed a challenge, it did not render the project unfeasible.

The book proposal had a unique feature – a cut-out or window on the front cover. Although it made the printing process more challenging, I stuck to my idea and went on a quest to find the right printer for the job. Once I found the right manufacturer, I worked closely with them to select the appropriate materials and finishes and oversaw the entire project, ensuring that the book we envisioned was accurately produced.

The table of contents is divided by highlights of significant events in the company’s history.

The book itself is 200 pages long, and I decided to divide the content into chapters based on each year a significant event occurred. Every chapter includes information on the highlighted year, a timeline running along the top of the entire book, which features the year things were happening, projects the company was involved in, lists of staff members who worked with the company, a short blurb, and a picture of each staff who started back then and remains with the company. Each chapter’s final pages contain a gallery of pictures and memories. The book concludes with a section called “Beyond,” where Director and founder Greg Rowe reflects on the future of the industry, and we showcase some of the upcoming projects we are working on.

A timeline runs across the top of each page, highlighting significant events that occurred throughout the years.

The book was an enormous success for the company, and I am immensely proud of the finished product. Below, you can find more pictures of the book or check out the digital version in the link below.

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