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The printing industry has come a long way, and today printing is easier, more effective and there is no need to print large numbers.

Even though we had decided that we were keeping our brochures digital, some people still like the printing material, but it was just not viable budget wise to print large numbers of brochures when projects, staff, and information changes all the time.

Staff member is a typical example of information that gets out dated very quickly.

That’s why I came up with the idea of having a magazine like brochure for all divisions of the company, a printing material that allow Rowe Group and Proven (its Project Management division) to update information, staff, projects and write about unique projects or industry issues, highlight news or profiled staff members while printing small numbers and allowing us to update the material every quarter.

After liaising with our printer partner and making sure the new arrangement was viable, we went ahead with the idea, resulting in a very successful format between the old brochure and the magazine like monthly issue models.

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